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Bicycle Tune-up and Maintenance Class


Course Description:

This class consists of two meetings. The first will be a short initial assessment meeting, which is free of charge. We will look at your bike together, and decide specifically what your bike needs, what you wish to learn in your class, and if there are any parts you wish to order. If you then choose to take the class, we will set an appointment for your second meeting and send you home with the twenty-five page companion manual. This will provide you with the information you'll need during your three hour class. You will perform all of the work with my guidance. You will learn everything it takes to give your bicycle a complete tune-up. You will:

  • Adjust the bearings in your wheels.
  • Learn to true (straighten) your wheels.
  • Change a tire.
  • Clean and prep the braking surfaces of the rims.
  • Clean, degrease, and lubricate your frame and components.
  • Adjust your brakes and shifting after replacing the wheels.
  • Install any new parts you have chosen.
  • Perform a final safety check and test ride.
  • Ride off with confidence!


  • The 25 page “Tuning Your Bicycle” companion handbook.
  • A 10% discount on any accessories ordered for your bike.
  • One hour of free workspace rental, anytime, up to one year from the date of the class.

Course Fee:

The regular price is $120 for a private, one on one lesson. The maximum class size is two students. The class is best taught in pairs. The fee is $95 per person if you can sign up with a partner, or if you do not mind being paired with a fellow student.

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