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Course Description:




This is the fun stuff! Bring in your frame or buy one from us. Pick out virtually every part individually, and make a unique bike that is perfectly suited to your needs, from the style of your pedals to the color of your paint. Whether you want a super hard core utilitarian commuter, a race-day rocket, or a mountain climbing monster, we can figure it out together, and you can build it with our guidance every step of the way. In an initial free-of-charge meeting, options will be considered and a plan will be formed. Then, we’ll set a date for the second session, and we’ll build it! A follow up will also be scheduled, at which we will correct any break-in cable stretch, and re-adjust the brakes and shifting. We will also address fit, comfort, and any other issues that have arisen. Feel free to check out our custom bike gallery for ideas - coming soon!


  • The 25 page “Tuning Your Bicycle” companion handbook.
  • Two hours of workspace rental time, usable within the first two years of ownership.

Course Fee:

It is far more expensive to buy a custom bicycle one piece at a time than it is to buy a complete bike. Some bicycles take much longer to build than others. With respect to so many variables, fees will be discussed and agreed upon during each individual initial meeting.

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