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Course Description:

Imagine taking your new bicycle out of the box yourself and assembling it into a perfectly tuned machine. Imagine how much better your understanding of your bike would be. Imagine not needing to pull out your wallet to pay a mechanic for the first two years, because you can perform your own repairs and maintainance. That's what you’ll learn to do in this class. This class consists of three meetings. The first will be a short initial assessment meeting, which is free of charge. You will select your bike, and receive your twenty-five page "Tuning Your Bicycle" companion handbook. The second meeting will consist of the actual building of the bike, with full guidance every step of the way. Finally, after around thirty days or one hundred miles, a final follow-up visit will be scheduled, at which we will correct any break-in cable stretch, and re-adjust the brakes and shifting. We will also address fit, comfort, and any other issues that have arisen. You will inspect and adjust every part of your bike to insure optimal safety and performance, and then form a maintenance schedule tailored to your bike and the way you'll be using it.


  • The 25 page “Tuning Your Bicycle” companion handbook.
  • Two hours or workspace rental time, usable within the first two years of ownership so you can keep your bike tuned at all times.

Course Fee:

FREE! That’s right, if you buy your bike here this is all included. A mechanic can build a bike in one third of the time it takes to teach someone else to build it, so this is a huge value! If you have a new bike that you bought on the internet, the course fee is $120.

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