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Customizing Your Bike Class

Course Description:

This class will be precisely what you choose to make of it. No job will be too big or too small. Set a free initial appointment so we can assess your bike, and plan out the changes you would like to make. Whether you want to customize for comfort, performance, appearance, utility or durability, we’ll do what it takes to remove all the things you don’t like about your bike and replace them with things you will love. When you set your second appointment, we will provide you with the companion handbook to the class. When you perform the work, you will be guided every step of the way.

Mary's sweet Sykes wood fender!

Mary's sweet Sykes wood fender!


  • The 25 page “Tuning Your Bicycle” companion handbook.
  • One hour of workspace rental time, usable within the first year after taking the class.
  • Pride in knowing that you can do it yourself!

Course Fee:

All fees will be discussed at the conclusion of the initial free appointment.

Ideas for Potential Improvements:

  • Changing the handlebars, shortening the reach, or raising the handlebars for a more upright, urban riding position to ease neck pain or sore wrists.
  • Switching out the saddle to one that fits your anatomy better, or to fit the stance you prefer to sit in while riding.
  • Upgrading your wheels and/or the crank to lighten your bike and make it climb hills more easily.
  • Finding the best racks, bags, lights, bells, mirrors, and accessories to suit your riding needs.

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