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Individually Tailored Classes

Course Description:

If you already know how to do a number of things on your bike, but you just want some guidance on one repair or replacement, this is the class for you. Give us a call and let us know what you need and we’ll set up a time to work with you. No job is too small, whether it's fixing a flat, centering a brake, or wrapping your handlebars with new tape. We’re here to help!

Course Fee:

The minimum course fee is $10, which covers the first 15 minutes. $15 per 15 minute segments will be the charge thereafter. Fees will be agreed upon before beginning class.

Ideas for Potential Improvements:

  • Learning how to fix a flat or change a tire, and knowing what to carry for making repairs.
  • Learning how to true your wheels, or how to replace a spoke if one were to break on a long ride.
  • Learning how to adjust the brakes on your bike, because they seem to be rubbing again even though you got them repaired just last week.
  • Learning how to adjust your shifting.
  • Learning a weekly ten minute maintenance regimen for your bicycle, to keep it running at peak performance level.
  • Learning how to properly fit your bicycle to yourself, to minimize soreness and fatigue and maximize power output.
  • Learning something new, simply because you can - and for about the same price as a comparable repair job from a mechanic!

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