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Not everyone wants to be a full on bike mechanic, but every bicycle owner should know how to take care of their machine and how to get out of the woods in a pinch. This one hour class give you the skills necessary to take care of your bike and make those expensive bike tune-ups fewer and further between. In this class YOU will learn and perform the following tasks with my guidance:

  • Remove your wheels, take off a tire, patch a flat, re-install the tire, wheels and  pump your tires up to full pressure.
  • Clean and re-lube your chain and measure it for wear
  • Check and tighten your brakes as brake pads wear
  • Clean and re-lube all of the necessary pivot points on your brakes and derailleurs
  • Perform a check of all the bearings in the wheels, bottom bracket headset and pedals of your bike.
Requirements:  This course is designed to teach a person how to keep a good bike in good, safe working order. Without exception, this will only be taught to students with a bicycle in good safe operating condition. An initial assessment appointment will be set to insure this before the course is scheduled.

Course Fee: This course includes 80 minutes of instruction. The fee is $80.

If this course is purchased with a complete tune-up, the course fee is reduced to $60


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