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Should I have a bicycle fitting?

When riding a bicycle, many riders experience discomfort in a certain area of the body. The neck, back, wrists, elbows, shoulder blades, knees, hips and ankles all can get sore. Not to mention some very personal parts too! Adjusting the bike to fit you better can make a huge difference in how you feel after each ride! Do you want to have more motivation to ride? If you feel great after a ride, you will! Sometimes changing where the seat or handlebars are by as little as a centimeter can make a huge difference. Maximizing the efficiency of your push into the pedals can send you up hills faster and with much less effort! You are in the about the same position for the whole bike ride and your legs are repeating the same motion over and over. Riding with your hips and/or knees out of the proper range can cause lasting and ir-repairable damage to your joints. Fitting is extremely important!

Set an appointment for a fitting.

A bicycle fitting takes about an hour. Rather than computer based programs that scientifically fit you to be a racer, I choose to do fittings with a few, a ton of body mechanics knowledge, a few measuring tools and I listen to the person and tailor the fit to the type of riding they are doing.  Someone that likes to do a 1 hour sprint in the countryside wants a much different fit than someone who is continuously looking straight ahead at traffic. One may have two bikes for short and long distances and want completely different fits on each bike. Computer programs cannot possibly take all of these contingencies into account.

 The fee for a fitting is $100

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