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Building Custom Bikes

Why build a custom bike when there are thousands of bikes to choose from sitting in bicycle dealerships right now?

Are you completely normal? No one is. Some of us have very long limbs, some short. Some of us have a tiny torso and some are all torso. Sometimes, the perfect fit can only be found in choosing all of the parts individually. Maybe there is a particular use or charachteristic you are looking for. A ride quality or position that is uniquely important to just you. Perhaps it is due to a previous injury or condition. Maybe you just love putting together a puzzle, controlling all of the pieces and creating a completely unique, beautifully matched and perfectly functioning machine.

How do I begin?

Set an appointment for an initial consultation. We'll examine your situation, your needs, desires and what can be done within your price range. We'll explore some options and consider all of the decisions to be made. There are in-numerable choices to be considered. A determination will be made as to whether a custom bike is the right choice for you. If so, we'll continue the considerations, firstly on which frame would be best for you and then, systematically, picking each part until we have a virtual complete bike. All of the parts will be ordered for you and then you will get to choose either to build it yourself with my instruction or to have me build it for you. There is no added charge either way. If you choose to build it in class format, 6 hours of instruction included at no extra charge is a Phenomenal deal! You will know your machine and how to care for it for the rest of your life !!!

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