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Our next free workshop will be Fixing a Flat 101

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Fixing a Flat Tire 101

Would you ride more often and/or further if you were prepared to fix a flat no matter where it happened? This workshop will walk you through the steps, as well as address the proper equipment you'll need. Questions and answers will follow the presentation, which will include:

  • Taking off a wheel.
  • Removing and patching an inner tube.
  • Reinstalling the tube into the tire and safely inflating it.


Ten Minute Maintenance 101

This workshop is an introduction to maintaining your bicycle on a weekly basis. It only takes ten minutes of love for your bicycle each week to keep it running smoothly and safely. It's also a great way to determine if the "Tuning Your Bicycle" class may be right for you. Come on down, bring a friend, and join the group. A classroom tour and questions and answers will follow the presentation, which will include:

  • Pumping up your tires to the right pressure.
  • Cleaning and lubricating your chain.
  • Safety checking all the working systems of your bicycle.


Bicycle Riding and Commuting Strategies 101

Why am I always getting passed? Why am I huffing and puffing up this hill, while others are talking and giggling their way up it? What is the best route for me to get to campus or to work? What are the rules of the road? Is it okay to ride on the sidewalk? Should my light be blinking, or solid? What safety equipment do I need? These are all valid questions for a person entering the bicycling world. A discussion of topics such as these will be presented followed by a question and answer period. Bring your bike. A night ride around Green Lake or up and down the Stone Way Hill will follow. Helmets and lights are a necessity.


Perfecting Fit and Comfort 101

My Butt hurts! I get this pain under my kneecap whenever I ride up a steep hill. My left shoulder blade bothers me if I ride longer than 15 minutes. Even on a warm day, my fingers go numb. Why does my right pinky toe go to sleep when I ride? While bicycles come in six or eight sizes, people come in a multitude of sizes and proportions. There is no substitute for the proper knowledge, or for the proper fit. A Bicycle is a repetitive motion machine. If your fit is even a centimeter off, joints, tendons, cartilage and bones can wear improperly, and cause long lasting or even permanent damage. This class is an introductory presentation on what to consider in fitting your bike for the type of riding that you do. A question and answer discussion will follow.


Outfitting Your Bike to Serve You 101

What emergency tools should I carry with me, and where should I stow them? I’m getting rid of my car. What equipment do I need to do my grocery shopping and laundry by bicycle? Cyclocomputer or cell phone? Really bright light or flashy thing? Rear rack and bags or basket? Messenger bag or backpack? Which carries more beer and firewood to camp? Are there fenders that will really keep me clean? Bring your questions and your experiences to this workshop. We live in a really interesting place and we all use our bicycles differently. After a brief presentation, this will be an open forum discussion of products and accessories, and their benefits and drawbacks.


Dressing for Our Weather 101

What should I wear? What should I not wear? What will best keep my hands and feet warm and dry? We’ll talk about wearing clothes that are wicking, insulating and windproof, as well as getting the combination of these properties correct. Wool and bamboo vs. synthetic fabrics. The buff vs. the scarf. All of these will be presented and discussed, followed by questions and answers. Please bring your favorite biking clothes and share with the group why you don’t feel right without them. If you wish you could ride more, but the weather prevents you, come to this workshop. Feel empowered. The weather can no longer stop you!

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