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Not everyone wants to learn to do it themselves! 2014-02-12 11.25.52Thankfully, I happen to love fixing bikes and have 20+ years of experience doing it! If you bring your bike to School of Bike, I will be the one doing all of the work, so you will know who is looking after you and insuring your safety and performance. My meticulous care and attention to detail are un-paralelled in the industry and with my low overhead, my work remains affordable! Even in the heart of Wallingford!

A FREE complete safety check of your bike is always included and is the starting point of any service here.

The complete tune-up I perform is no doubt the best and most complete tune-up for $79.99 anywhere in Seattle and perhaps even the world. Your bike will be returned to you as clean as the day it was born, short of irreparable scratches etc. If you agree to all the recomended work, it will ride better than it ever did. I am a very careful shopper and I only recommend parts that are "most bang for the buck" and "perfect for conditions." Seattle has some very unique conditions!


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