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Build Your Own wheels

Riding on wheels that you've  built is a very rewarding feeling. Knowing that you've put every spoke in the wheel and balanced the tension so perfectly that they are perfectly straight, perfectly round and perfectly centered gives you a great feeling of confidence and accomplishment. Set up a free initial consultation to pick out your rims, spokes and hubs. Once they arrive, you will come in to lace up and true your new wheels. Pick a generator hub so you will never be without a light again or maybe some indestructible commuter rims. Maybe some super light and racey equipment. You have control of the qualities you wish to embrace!

Course fee: It takes about three hours to lace up and true a pair of wheels. Often, I will lace one while the student laces the second, making it a bit more affordable. There are alot of different wheel building options. A course fee will be determined before the student commits to taking the class, based on $80/hr for the first hour and $65/hr thereafter.

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